[dns-operations] Who's sleeping well tonight and who's not?

Richard Lamb richard.lamb at icann.org
Thu Jul 15 21:40:19 UTC 2010

> >
> > 	lots nad -LOTS- of work went into making it a non-event.
> > 	whch is why a "countdown" clock seems a bit out of place.
> The countdown clock is a direct consequence of the enthusiasm and
> energy of the person who maintains that web site, and that particular
> enthusiasm and energy is an important part of ICANN getting its part of
> this joint project out of the door as planned.

I would like to add that without Mehmet's EXPLOSIVE energy we would have never been able blast through the barriers that were in our critical path. 

> Those who volunteered their time to attend ceremonies (and those who
> heard him talk at MENOG and LACNIC) will no doubt be familiar with his
> good work, but since he has been behind the scenes for probably most
> people here, let me just say: thank you, Mehmet.
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> Joe
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