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Griffiths, Chris Chris_Griffiths at Cable.Comcast.com
Wed Dec 29 15:15:20 UTC 2010

On 12/29/10 9:25 AM, "Roosenraad, Chris" <chris.roosenraad at twcable.com>

>1)  If its done, please make sure it can be disabled through the config

I completely agree with this.  This should be easy to disable at
configuration or compile time.

>2)  "need to upgrade" will have a different meaning to different people.

This would be the case if you are tracking stable or back port releases,
production releases, or even beta ones.

>3)  I think we've all seen software that "phones home" like this go
>haywire if the system to which it phones home goes offline.  Just saying.

Agreed.  The more light weight and simple the better, perhaps leveraging
simple TXT resource records would be an alternative.

>As far as packaging goes, I'm with Elvind.  Compile myself, and then
>package into my own RPMs.  But I realize that is a little out of the

Not so out of the norm if you need specialized builds.

Chris Griffiths
Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.

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