[dns-operations] New subscribers

Mehmet Akcin mehmet at icann.org
Mon Dec 20 05:14:17 UTC 2010


My name is Mehmet and I work at ICANN Since 2006. Previously I worked in University of Puerto Rico, where i have worked mainly with .PR as well as helped other ccTLDs University of PR was primary/secondary back in the days. ( . AG , .BB , .BS , .DM , .DO , .BZ , .GD , .JM , KN , .LC , .SR , .TT , and VC )

I currently work in the DNS Ops team.. I've designed L-Root's current systems, networks and operations , monitoring, and management together with Joe and Dave. I have worked closely with Rick Lamb , Jakob, and Fredrik physical build of the Root DNSSEC facilities located in East and West Coast USA. I was part of the team which ran Root KSK Ceremony 1-2-3.

I am originally from Turkey, and speak Turkish,English, and Spanish.

PS: I have worn suit 4 times in my life , 3 KSK ceremonies and my own wedding, so I normally don't dress up like that. :)


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