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Richard Lamb richard.lamb at icann.org
Fri Dec 17 23:46:00 UTC 2010

I'm Rick Lamb. I wrote UUCP for DOS in 1985 then TCP (and a DNS resolver with a DB backend), DECNET (yes CTERM too), X.25/Q.921/Q.931, BiSync, IPX protocol stacks, embedded O/S, drivers  all from scratch for a number of startups. Built IPX/IP/ISDN router H/W+S/W from scratch and sold it off. Then wrote a NAT product that became part of Windows. For something completely different worked at US State Dept advising on Int'l IT policy ("I want to know who controls this Internet thingie?") and learning the politics of protocol. Then at ICANN was responsible for architecture, tech (wrote key gen and signing S/W), politics (govts, Int'l participation, and building trust), and security design of our half of DNSSEC root deployment. Currently recovering from wounds and... 
-trying to help TLDs to effectively deploy DNSSEC, and 
-pointing out opportunities arising from securing the Registrar and Registrant interface

Rick Lamb  slamb at xtcn.com
Trying to find creative ways to avoid work is the true mother of invention.

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