[dns-operations] New subscribers

Mark Scholten mark at streamservice.nl
Sat Dec 18 00:53:16 UTC 2010


I work at a small ISP (mainly hosting) in the Netherlands, we operate under
the following names SinnerG and Stream Service. I am the person mainly
responsible for keeping our DNS infrastructure working (I am the main
sysadmin for Linux servers at the company). We currently have 4 DNS AUTH
servers, 4 DNS resolvers and a few hidden masters (AUTH).

We currently mainly use PowerDNS as nameservers (but we also have Bind/Named
as hidden masters/resolvers).

We also have IPv6 (incl. rDNS on IPv6) on a single name server as a test,
when we don't get any complaints before the end of the year we will switch
all name servers to IPv6 in January.

I'm mainly a lurker here. If you've a question about DNS (incl. rDNS) with
Bind/Named or PowerDNS: feel free to contact me (via email (privately) or at
the official PowerDNS IRC channel).

With kind regards,

Mark Scholten

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