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Rod Rasmussen rod.rasmussen at internetidentity.com
Fri Dec 17 17:07:58 UTC 2010

Rod Rasmussen here.

I help run Internet Identity, a security company that does a lot with the DNS.  We use active and passive DNS to track down criminal operations to get them removed from the Internet.  We also continuously monitor a huge number of DNS configurations for customers and their partners they do business with to ensure integrity of the untrustworthy system the DNS actually is.  That includes watching for domain name hijackings, auth DNS server take-overs, and recursive server cache poisonings at most major ISPs amongst other things.  I'm also keenly interested in making sure DNSSEC is deployed successfully to protect our customers and that it doesn't die a horrible death due to early-adoption configuration problems.  I also run my own DNS servers for some small zones so I can continuously experience the joy of dealing with odd DNS failures on a random basis...

Rod Rasmussen

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