[dns-operations] New subscribers

Emanuele (aka Skull) skull at bofhland.org
Fri Dec 17 15:55:38 UTC 2010

On 12/17/10 4:17 PM, Torsten Segner wrote:

> Yet another lurker here.
> I manage a rather small DNS setup of around 20k zones and some caching servers for a medium sized ISP in Europe.

More or less the same for me.
Employed by a small sized ISP in Italy, where I manage recursive and
authoritative nameservers as well as a whole lot of other things.

In my spare time I'm also active on the spam control/research with the
guys at SURBL.

Emanuele Balla
Paranoia is a disease unto itself. And may I add: the person standing
next to you may not be who they appear to be, so take precaution.

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