[dns-operations] IPv6 PTR records

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Fri Dec 17 15:23:40 UTC 2010

Wayne MacLaurin (wayne) writes:
> That's an excellent question !
> I seem to recall a heated debate at the RIPE meeting in Rome back in November.     It would seem that most people wish PTR was never invented and it causes more grief than its worth.    A few folks seemed to be resigned to having to do PTR for MTAs and other services that have built-in requirements but most would like to see the entire concept go away….
> Anybody else, who's rolling out IPv6 on a large scale, have any comments ?

	Not on a large scale, but for our customers we've long ago automated
	creation of PTR and A in tandem, so it's a non issue.  There are policies
	to be considered (will dig up relevant RFCs if required), but globally
	I think it's much easier than people make it out to be.  Of course, the
	challenge can be when working with rigit ISPs that don't understand
	RFC2317, and don't provide alternative mechanisms like web-based and/or
	dynamic updates or byte-level delegations.

	Some software DNS products even do away with the concept of A and PTR and
	have a concept of "host" which has addresses and names.  I like that.


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