[dns-operations] New subscribers

R.P. Aditya rpaditya at umich.edu
Fri Dec 17 15:02:50 UTC 2010

Yet another lurker.

Worked and working at ISPs and Universities for many years doing a bit
of everything, including deploying and supporting IGP-based anycast
resolvers since 1997.

I like to question my habits -- the current one: while getting ready to
roll out IPv6, whether to bother with PTR records at all, and if so,
whether to just automatically generate them (except maybe for MTAs) and
not bother to match the forwards (so far, I'm not convinced either way
and given the pace of the rollout, time can tell).

R.P. (Adi) Aditya
Network Architect
ITSComm Network Engineering
University of Michigan
+1 (734) 330-2499
rpaditya at umich.edu

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