[dns-operations] New subscribers

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Fri Dec 17 13:16:46 UTC 2010

I'm Joe Greco, longtime Internet technologist and paddock cleaner for
Spaf's performing elephants; I used to manage a variety of content
delivery systems for a large regional ISP back in the day, including
anycast DNS services.  I still operate our current nameserver resources.

My DNS-fu includes such things as a load-balancing nameserver written 
in C.  Historically I've been involved with things like administration
of the US domain for many years (some of my hosts are an example in
rfc1386/1480) and one of my companies is still regional coordinator
for those zones, but as to modern stuff like .xxx and DNSSEC I may be 
a bit more of a dilettante than anything else.

Regardless, DNS is fundamental to the Internet, and I like to keep up
on what's going on.

... JG
Joe Greco - sol.net Network Services - Milwaukee, WI - http://www.sol.net
"We call it the 'one bite at the apple' rule. Give me one chance [and] then I
won't contact you again." - Direct Marketing Ass'n position on e-mail spam(CNN)
With 24 million small businesses in the US alone, that's way too many apples.

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