[dns-operations] New subscribers

George Michaelson ggm at apnic.net
Fri Dec 17 03:05:46 UTC 2010

I'm in the Asia-Pacific Regional Internet Registry doing research and development relating to Internet-Number Resources in general. APNIC has a strong interest in reverse-DNS because it delegates high in the tree and operates NS serving the space, as well as ccTLD and other zones.

APNIC has participated in the last 3 DiTL, and was a founder member of OARC and now a beneficiary. We use DSC heavily, and have benefited hugely from OARC. We value OARC as a source of technology and of DNS information, and as a clearing house for sharing information and ideas.

I'm interested in the DNS as a service, but also as a view of wider Internet activity especially as it relates to the V4/V6 relativities, and its pointers into regional, national and other measures of Internet activity.


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