[dns-operations] BIND version and NSEC3

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Fri May 15 21:54:55 UTC 2009

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
>   and I thought it was the DLV-users forum.
> --bill

As one of the people who started a lot of the DLV-related conversation 
on this list, back when the initial gov/NSEC3 issue came up, I'd be 
happy to take this conversation to another mailing list if we decide 
that's necessary.

I think most of the issues we have raised on this list have been general 
DNSSEC-related (the initial gov/NSEC3 problem excepted); the fact that 
many of us are using the DLV to do our bleeding-edge DNSSEC 
implementation work is only a component of our main goal of seeing how 
DNSSEC works in the real world.  Whether it's the *best* way to achieve 
this is and has obviously been the subject of considerable debate.

Setting aside the DLV, if the dns-operations list is getting too 
DNSSEC-y for folks then we can consider a dnssec-operations list. 
Personally, I am as concerned about the proliferation of similar mailing 
lists as I am about the dilution of existing ones.

I do agree that questions about specific implementations should go to 
<implementation>-users at .  I do realize that there have been a few times 
when I have strayed into BIND-specific issues (esp wrt memory 
utilization in the face of DNSSEC failures).  Sorry about that.


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