[dns-operations] .Org DNSSEC key management policy feedback

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Tue Jun 23 00:00:26 UTC 2009

> > I remember the main counter argument was that folks might want to  
> > configure the .ORG key for everything in and under .ORG, and not trust  
> > the root key for .ORG, but do trust the root key for everything else.  
> > Doesn't fly. There might be simple dependencies from domains under ORG  
> > on something not ORG. See for instance http://www.links.org/?p=635 on  
> > "who pwns the internet".
> 	For . and ORG I agree.  For ORG and ISC.ORG I disagree.
> 	For wattle.id.au (when it is signed) and andrews.wattlet.id.au
> 	I disagree.  There are couple of hundred zones where your
> 	policy makes sense.  There are millions where named's default
> 	policy will make sense.
> 	Your policy model make sense if you *start* doing DNSSEC
> 	during the bottom up development phase.  If you start in
> 	the top down phase it doesn't and top down is the long term
> 	status.
> 	Mark
> > kind regards,
> > 
> > Roy

	i think i have to side w/ Roy here.  the nominal policy model is 
	that I trust those w/ whom i have a direct business relationship.
	while ISC.ORG may not have any given policy about the use of the
	crypto it has by its employees (for IPSEC/VPN and perhaps SIDR & 
	DNS validation)  many other enterprises/entities do have such policies
	and insist on their employees/contractors use those tokens as a condition
	of employment.  

	Since very few actually have such a relationship with the root, I'd posit
	that the root key is the least trusted key of the bunch.  Its the backstop
	when all other trust paths are exausted.

	ymmv of course.


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