[dns-operations] wrapsrv -- DNS SRV record command line wrapper

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Jul 2 08:16:16 UTC 2009

In message <4A4C671C.70109 at spaghetti.zurich.ibm.com>, Jeroen Massar writes:
> Robert Edmonds wrote:
> > i couldn't find any utility that wraps the SRV record lookup and
> > selection algorithm for commands that don't natively support the SRV
> > record, so i wrote my own.
> When I saw the title I thought you made an LD_PRELOAD trick, because
> that is one way to do it and actually allows one to also have the
> wrapping work when the hostnames/ports are in configuration files.
> I just have a hope that programs will be converted to use the nice
> getaddrinfo() loop, as then they are all SRV aware (if the backend
> getaddrinfo() respects SRV of course, which it does not always do...)

	Which it shouldn't do until there is a posix extension that
	defines how to do it.  Hacks like this are what makes writing
	portable software a nightmare.  You really need to be able
	to signal that you want SRV processing or not to be done
	by getaddrinfo().  It should not be done by default.  That
	way leads to unexpected consequences.

> Greets,
>  Jeroen
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