[dns-operations] .TH signed

Michael Graff michael_graff at isc.org
Wed Apr 8 19:07:38 UTC 2009

Kim Davies wrote:
> I wouldn't want to presume to tell you how to do it, but I think it is great
> if you are informing TLD operators about the ITAR if they are not aware of
> it. If they are aware of the way you are importing ITAR records before they
> decide where to list, all the better. I have no problems with increased
> awareness and more informed decision making :)

I'm finding that each knew of the ITAR, but thought publishing in both
places was better than publishing in one.  I would rather that, those
who have the ITAR as an option, use it.  After all, it is, and this is
just my personal opinion, a lot closer to what will become a signed root
than DLV will have.


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