[dns-operations] Unplanned DLV zone outage on 2009-Apr-06

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Apr 7 17:10:58 UTC 2009

At 15:22 +0000 4/7/09, Paul Vixie wrote:

>to me, this is the nub of this whole repeating nightmare.  i understand why
>someone might prefer not to subscribe their validator to DLV.  what i don't
>understand is why anyone would argue against other people using it.

I appreciate your point and that I may not be addressing it, but I 
have an answer to the latter sentence.

I bet you are referring to the political objections to the DLV and it 
being a roadblock to DNS deployment.  Whether or not I feel 
comfortable with relying on the DLV I would not prevent anyone elsd 
from relying upon it.  Even if I felt the need to discourage, I would 
not deny access to it.  Nope, no "parental instinct" I guess.

But *if* (or *as long as*) the DLV has *mechanical* flaws, I feel 
compelled to argue against it.  I as TLD operator would not want 
"relying parties" to use DLV if doing so harms access to the names I 
have registered.

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