[dns-operations] Unplanned DLV zone outage on 2009-Apr-06

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Tue Apr 7 03:20:50 UTC 2009

[paul vixie]
> let's find out if the trust model is broken, and if there's general
> agreement on that, let's fix it.

[randy bush]
> imiho, we can not do that without recreating the iana.  and the iana we
> have works pretty well, especially if we can get it detached from the
> usg and the icann.  so fix it rather than rediscovering how such things
> get broken.

i'm afraid you cut too much from what you quoted, or that i said too little.
i *know* that the dns trust model is broken.  registry/registrar/registrant
and iana/icann/usg are each clusterfscks of security model doom.  but that's
hopefully not the topic we're on.  you said that isc's trust model for dlv
was broken, and that's the trust model i want to know if we can agree is
broken and then work together on fixing.

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