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Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Thu Oct 16 21:01:30 UTC 2008

Hi Scott,

welcome to the list.

It is mostly old dynosaurs here hwo know each other from other
lists if not from the rodeo.

C and assembler are my native languages, prologue when I try to
talk to the upper class :)

I am one of the operators who keep the Cesidian Root together.


Scott Doty wrote:
> dns-operations-request at mail.dns-oarc.net wrote:
>> Welcome to the dns-operations at lists.dns-oarc.net mailing list! This
>> list is open to humans but closed to bots.  New subscribers will be
>> asked to describe themselves and their DNS environment before being
>> added to the list.
> Hello,
> I am co-founder, co-owner, and original systems/network engineer for
> Sonic.net, a regional ISP that started here in Santa Rosa, California;
> today, we sell DSL pretty much all over California, including new
> deployments of ADSL2+ in selected CO's.  If you inspect our home page,
> you will see that we keep our system event log right there, for the
> inspection of everyone... customers and onlookers alike.  We've done
> this ever since we were only a public-access Unix system, where we kept
> track of events in our MOTD (message of the day).  (Indeed, we still
> refer to it as "the MOTD".)  I code in C and in Perl.  I worked in Santa
> Rosa Junior College's (santarosa.edu's) Computing Services department
> from 1991-1995, during which we laid fiber to buildings, as well as
> maintaining and supporting everything having to do with our network
> during this period of prodigious growth.  Before that, I was a Radioman
> in the USCG (which are now known as Telecommunications Specialists)
> onboard USCGC's Morgenthau and Munro.
> Our DNS environment consists of recursive and authoritative servers. 
> The recursive servers use anycast, and are housed in multiple "DNS
> Server 'Plexes" located at our pops in SF, LA, and here in Santa
> Rosa...we have a white paper (with diagram) available on our web site: 
> http://www.sonic.net/network/nameservers/ .
> Our authoritative servers are just that -- servers -- located at diverse
> geographical locations.
> My interests with this list are twofold: one is to watch & participate
> in discussions about DLV; secondly, I'm intrigued by the use of "DNS
> fingerprinting" as an early warning against network abuse.
> ( BTW, some of you may remember me as the guy that invoked Postel's Law
> on the bind-bugs list, when my Fedora Linux installation (with a very
> new BIND resolver version) became confused by responses from certain
> PowerDNS servers. )
> I hope your Thursday is going splendidly. :)
> -Scott
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