[dns-operations] Introduction (was Re: Welcome to the "dns-operations" mailing list

Scott Doty scott at sonic.net
Thu Oct 16 17:18:28 UTC 2008

dns-operations-request at mail.dns-oarc.net wrote:
> Welcome to the dns-operations at lists.dns-oarc.net mailing list! This
> list is open to humans but closed to bots.  New subscribers will be
> asked to describe themselves and their DNS environment before being
> added to the list.


I am co-founder, co-owner, and original systems/network engineer for 
Sonic.net, a regional ISP that started here in Santa Rosa, California; 
today, we sell DSL pretty much all over California, including new 
deployments of ADSL2+ in selected CO's.  If you inspect our home page, 
you will see that we keep our system event log right there, for the 
inspection of everyone... customers and onlookers alike.  We've done 
this ever since we were only a public-access Unix system, where we kept 
track of events in our MOTD (message of the day).  (Indeed, we still 
refer to it as "the MOTD".)  I code in C and in Perl.  I worked in Santa 
Rosa Junior College's (santarosa.edu's) Computing Services department 
from 1991-1995, during which we laid fiber to buildings, as well as 
maintaining and supporting everything having to do with our network 
during this period of prodigious growth.  Before that, I was a Radioman 
in the USCG (which are now known as Telecommunications Specialists) 
onboard USCGC's Morgenthau and Munro.

Our DNS environment consists of recursive and authoritative servers.  
The recursive servers use anycast, and are housed in multiple "DNS 
Server 'Plexes" located at our pops in SF, LA, and here in Santa 
Rosa...we have a white paper (with diagram) available on our web site:  
http://www.sonic.net/network/nameservers/ .

Our authoritative servers are just that -- servers -- located at diverse 
geographical locations.

My interests with this list are twofold: one is to watch & participate 
in discussions about DLV; secondly, I'm intrigued by the use of "DNS 
fingerprinting" as an early warning against network abuse.

( BTW, some of you may remember me as the guy that invoked Postel's Law 
on the bind-bugs list, when my Fedora Linux installation (with a very 
new BIND resolver version) became confused by responses from certain 
PowerDNS servers. )

I hope your Thursday is going splendidly. :)


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