[dns-operations] Contact at Afilias

Joe Abley jabley at ca.afilias.info
Wed May 28 17:11:01 UTC 2008

Just in case anybody was wondering (it seems likely after all that  
there will be more people in the future who want to get in touch  
regarding DNS for ORG, INFO, etc, but feel free to slap me if this is  
not interesting)

> does anyone (preferably Joe :-) ) have a working contact at Afilias  
> which could be asked to get their a0.org.afilias-nst.info fixed in  
> IPv6?

That problem was picked up by Dave after he saw the message you sent  
to noc at afilias-nst.info. He found and fixed a problem in Seattle (I  
believe he's been in touch since, so you know this).

I realise that:

> I tried noc at afilias-nst.info which two weeks ago bounced after  
> five days
> trying saying that their RequestTracker experienced a "RT server  
> error",
> and since I did not get the autoreply with the ticket number so far it
> doesn't look much better today.

but it turns out that the RT misconfiguration that caused the error  
you saw only stopped tickets opening, and did not prevent copies of  
the mail being sent to the right people. Dave Knight picked up the  
problem and investigated.

The RT problem has now been fixed by Afilias' internal systems group.

> I tried forwarding the whole info to the address Joe used on this  
> list just yesterday and got a "550 Mailbox unknown", so I'm sort of  
> running out of options.

Due to a separate (but similarly unfortunate) system administration  
accident in Afilias' internal systems group, I was briefly without a  
mailbox on the Afilias mail system, which caused much hilarity. This  
has now been fixed, too.

These things happen. It's all part of the secret plot for computers to  
take over the earth and put humans to work farming diodes. We no  
longer say yes -- we say "affirmative". I refer you to <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATFxVB4JFpQ&feature=related 
 > for further details.

Apologies for the lapse in responsiveness. For the archives, if all  
else fails the Afilias NOC in Toronto can be reached 24x7 at +1 416  
673 4150.


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