[dns-operations] UPDATED ROOT ZONE FILE: 2008-05-26-01

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue May 27 11:53:24 UTC 2008

At 17:22 -0400 5/26/08, Keith Mitchell wrote:

>Wearing my OARC rather than ISC hat, if there is a strong consensus from
>list participants that this action be taken, and no-one else steps up to
>say that they use Worldroot and/or find these postings useful, I will
>implement this request. As today is a public holiday in at least the US
>and England, I propose we wait until the end of tomorrow Tue 27th before
>taking this sanction.

I found nothing wrong with Palmer's post on the Worldroot changes.

The post is rather useless to me but the positive I got was a chuckle 
at the list of the changes.  (It sounded humorous that the changes 
were posted to a list for one.)  But, the message was purely 
operational, there was no "message" or promotion of that root 
anywhere in the message.  It certainly had more operational content 
that recent messages on root operator accountability.

Putting aside Worldroot, there are more than one DNS root zones in 
existence.  Just as there are more than one inter-networks spanning 
the globe.  I would think that protocol-level operators would want to 
know about the actions of all of the roots, so we can explain away 
some actions to our customers when they are following a "wrong" root.

To quote Randy "Procmail is your friend."  A challenge to this list - 
the next time (if there is one) you see a posting of Worldroot 
changes, just ignore it.
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