[dns-operations] UPDATED ROOT ZONE FILE: 2008-05-26-01

John Palmer (NANOG Acct) nanog2 at adns.net
Tue May 27 01:16:48 UTC 2008

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> John Palmer (NANOG Acct) wrote:
>> Worldroot does have a list
>> (lair.lionpost.net/mailman/listinfo/worldroot-launch) but it has
>> limited membership now because people don't know about it much.
>> Been talking to some folks about this abhorrent act of censorship and
>>  while OARC has done some good works, it is politically biased
>> against the Inclusive Namespace which is just as much a part of the
>> DNS and the greater internet as the ICANN roots.
> We don't choose to restrict communications on an open list lightly, but
> every list has postings that are considered on-topic & off-topic, and
> the best measure of this is the consensus of the list's users. There is
> strong push-back from a significant number of users about your recent
> postings. We'd be willing to consider not revoking posting rights if you
> were prepared to commit to remaining on-topic.

You may be able to censor people on your lists, but you can't keep
me from publishing what I want on my lists.

As for your list, I already posted a request from folks as to what
kind of information they want to receive regarding Worldroot. I certainly
don't want to put out information that people don't want. Lets see what
they say. Oh, I find it amusing that you call 4 people "a significant number 

>> We'll be creating a parallel organization to OARC that does, well,
>> the same things as OARC. Its such a shame that this redundancy has to
>>  exist
> How sad.

How sad you inject politics into your organization and call it science.
Just like global warming deniers, you deny that there are thousands
of TLDs out there and by your organization's close-mindedness,
you are shutting out big pieces of the internet and therefore have nothing
to offer us.

>> but obviously OARC is only interested in supporting the DNS for a
>> handlful of TLDs rather than the thousands that are out there.
> OARC has around 50 members of whom over 20 are TLD operators, including
> a majority of the largest TLDs by domains registered. We are interested
> in gathering and publishing data from all possible sources of DNS
> traffic. Ultimately the best measure of relevance of any type of
> Internet traffic is objective data as to its volume and the extent of
> its deployment. We have already gathered data from ORSN which is helping
> gain an understanding of the extent of its prevalence relative to the
> ICANN root servers.
> If you think you can duplicate OARC's capabilities I'd encourage you to
> gather and publish equivalent data which will help everyone gain a
> better understanding of the uptake of the various root systems.

Not that we want to, looks like its neccessary.

>> New organization is called Inclusive Namespace Technical Analysis,
>> Operations and  Research Center (INS-AORC)
> Please note the material on OARC's websites is copyrighted.
> Keith

And you all please note that there are rules and restrictions on all federal 
and state grants
including the requirement that free speech be respected as well as a myriad 
of other
rights that you have to respect. Please forgive me if I take some time to 
comb through your
current and past grant applications and make sure you are in full compliance 
with the
terms and conditions.

Please be aware that lying on federal grant applications is a crime.  Hope 
there aren't
any skeletons in OARC's closet. Lets have a look, shall we..... I may not 
like him,
but I have to admit that Joe Baptista has some cute tricks up his sleeves.

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