[dns-operations] anybody here from GDNS?

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Wed Jul 16 07:33:50 UTC 2008

* Paul Vixie:

> while i generally agree, i know that burning IPv4 address space for this
> kind of functional separation isn't always possible and is controversial
> given the looming shortage.  so until IPv6 somehow becomes prevalent, i'm
> recommending "views."

The downside is that you have to make your resolver authoritative for
your zones (otherwise you can't reliably run an indepedent recursor on
address space which ends up being punted to the recursive view).  This
suffers from a few awkward problems.  For instance, there's a race
condition when new delegations from major TLDs are established: You need
to make your servers authoritative before you actually receive the

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