[dns-operations] Welcome to the "dns-operations" mailing list

Koh-ichi Ito kohi at iri.co.jp
Mon Jul 7 07:02:18 UTC 2008

Hello List,

I hope this is polite manner to knock here.

At Mon, 07 Jul 2008 05:06:25 +0000,
dns-operations-request at mail.oarc.isc.org wrote:
> Welcome to the dns-operations at lists.oarci.net mailing list! This list
> is open to humans but closed to bots.  New subscribers will be asked
> to describe themselves and their DNS environment before being added to
> the list.

Currently I'm taking a role of corporate level system admin
but have 9 years exeperience of operation at ISP and iDC.

Now I'm running NSD, unbound and BIND mainly on FreeBSD

Thanks in advance.

				Koh-ichi Ito, from Tokyo Japan

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