[dns-operations] Reporting glue as authoritive data -- Bug!

Joe Abley jabley at ca.afilias.info
Fri Jan 25 16:15:09 UTC 2008

On 25-Jan-2008, at 10:47, Joe Abley wrote:

> The NUS practice of exposing glue in the answer section causes
> troubleshooting headaches, especially in the case where a single zone
> is served by an NS set which includes NUS, NSD and BIND9 servers (like
> ORG).

To add a little more flesh to these bones, the problems I have seen  
ran like this:

  - nameserver was renumbered by end user, but glue record was not  
  - most resolvers which receive a BIND9/NSD response will follow the  
  - most resolvers which receive a NUS response will just cache the  
glue record
  - different servers in the same NS set appear to give different  
  - random distribution of old and new A records cached around the place
  - diagnosis is initially "you just have to wait for records to expire"
  - after N*TTL has passed, "caches are broken, call the operator of  
the cache and ask it to be flushed"
  - after more days have passed, "this is a problem with the ORG zone,  
contact the registry"
  - ORG registry operator says "our contract doesn't let us handle  
problems reported by registrants, talk to your registrar"
  - registrar help desk struggles to understand what a glue record is
  - problem is escalated within registrar with much shouting
  - registrar finally opens angry, urgent, panic ticket with registry,  
insisting that some ORG servers (those running NSD/BIND9) are broken  
because they are not serving the A record that TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET returns
  - registry operator tries to explain differences in NUS/BIND9/NSD  
answer in this case, and confirms that this is to be expected and  
there is no problem to fix
  - registrar shouts
  - registry operator escalates from helpdesk to engineering staff,  
and the same answer is sent
  - more shouting from the registrar
  - eventually someone mentions that this whole mess started with  
someone renumbering a server, and then notices that there's a host  
record with the old address
  - the registry operator recommends changing the address associated  
with the host record
  - the registrar changes the host record
  - end user is still shouting
  - registrar says "it's ok, just wait N*TTL"
  - end user shouts "NO! WE DID THAT ALREADY! TWO WEEKS AGO! THAT IS  
  - everybody involved runs outside and lies down in front of the  
first bus they can find, hoping that peace will come swiftly

Oh, how we laughed.


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