[dns-operations] Delegation checking

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Fri Jan 18 21:03:30 UTC 2008

> * Jo Rhett:
> >  From the rest of your post, I think you do.  Let me rephrase: we  =
> > should make the registrant suffer by breaking their web and email  =
> > rather than making us suffer.

	Us == all users of the DNS that happen to lookup the name.

	Remember there are people who just pick domain names when
	sending email and don't care about whether there are working
	DNS servers for that domain.
> Who is "us"?  Registrars?  Registries?
> For completely lame delegations that aren't just temporary, it's
> probably a good idea to pull the NS records from the parent zone (with
> proper safeguards, of course).  But in this case, I fail to see how
> anyone suffers, how there's an improvement, and how this could prompt
> any action from the registrant.
> If just one of the listed servers is lame, I don't think you can
> justify a suspension of that delegation.  It doesn't make much sense
> from a technical perspective.  It's also quite hard to prove that a
> delegation is really lame for large parts of the net.
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