[dns-operations] ICANN and, was Re: Some DNSSEC trivia

brett brett at blacksunsystems.co.uk
Sat Jan 12 13:01:00 UTC 2008

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> On Jan 9, 2008, at 2:37 PM, Edward Lewis wrote:
> > If ICANN is not doing it's job, it isn't (only) up to the engineers
> > to solve it,  other folks are impacted as well.  Sure, I wish ICANN
> > was more engineering oriented.  Maybe we'd have IRIS in place.
> Not to stray too far from DNS operations related topics, but I'm
> actually curious: has anyone (RIRs, LIRs, ISPs, DNS Registries, and/or
> DNS registrars) actually deployed IRIS?  I don't think IANA has ever
> gotten a delegation request for anything in IRIS.ARPA...

The RIPE NCC did an Iris pilot not sure but I don't think is currently
being moved forward though.



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