[dns-operations] Delegation checking (was: Re: Some DNSSEC trivia)

Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Wed Jan 9 20:29:23 UTC 2008

On Jan 9, 2008, at 11:22 AM, Matt Larson wrote:
> Whenever the topic of checking delegations comes up, I am absolutely
> astounded that people have reactions such as this: that you actually
> seriously think a registry should take action to suspend, revoke, put
> on hold or otherwise change a delegation that a customer has paid for.
> As Andrew already pointed out, the legal ramifications are
> mind-boggling.  I could understand such a reaction if the topic were
> botnets or fraud or something equivalently serious.  But a lame
> delegation?  Give me a break.  It's not hurting anything in the grand
> scheme of things.  We have much, much bigger fish to fry.

Pretty much all of our problems in dealing with DoS attacks and  
botnets resolve around incorrect DNS information.  I don't care so  
much about lame delegations, but the fixing of *ALL* the information  
on a delegation would help on many fronts.

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