[dns-operations] Delegation checking (was: Re: Some DNSSEC trivia)

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed Jan 9 00:22:27 UTC 2008

> * Patrik F=E4ltstr=F6m wrote:
> > error is found (by someone), what should happen? Should as a last  =
> > resort the domain be withdrawn?
> As the starter of this subthread, I'd like to clarify my personal clash with
> the AFNIC domain checking tools. First we had several problems, due to
> misconfigurations in ipv6 reverse zones, hidden primaries etc. pp. in order
> to get the FR delegation fly.
> After a long time, I switch the NS of this zone to DNSSEC validation and to
> use the signed root. In consequence we received an e-mail explaining, that
> the server does not respond with the ICANN servers for "." and the zone was
> not longer delegated from FR. I was somewhat surprised. This server is now
> one of the few non validation servers. I do not know what really happend, it
> might be the registrars fault or something more obscure, but I deeply
> remember the connection between DNSSEC and FR delegation removal ...

	See the DS check comment below.

	These are the sorts of checks I'd like to see.  Note this
	is for a IPv4 nameserver.  Adjust as appropriate for a IPv6

	dig NS <zone> @<IPV4> +norec
	dig NS <zone> -b# @<IPV4> +norec
	dig NS <zone> -b# @<IPV4> +norec
		<more suspect source ports>
	dig NS <zone> @<IPV4> +norec +dnssec
	dig NS <zone> @<IPV4> +norec +dnssec
		(need two as some servers drop second EDNS query)

	dig A <zone> @<IPV4> +norec
	dig A <zone> @<IPV4> +norec +dnssec
	dig A <zone> @<IPV4> +norec +dnssec
		(explicity check for A records as there may be a misconfigured
		 load balancer in front of an otherwise correctly configured

	dig SOA <zone> @<IPV4> +norec

	dig AAAA <zone> @<IPV4> +norec
		(IPv6 exists)

	dig MX <zone> @<IPV4> +norec

	dig DS <zone> @<IPV4> +norec 
		(Here is where a root referral may happen)

	Glue checks for all requires glue.

	dig A <nameserver> @<IPV4> +norec
		(note nameserver may be in a child zone so you may get
		 a referral, follow referral and requery.)
	dig AAAA <nameserver> @<IPV4> +norec

	Check that sibling glue is held and is correct.

	DNSSEC checks added here.
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