[dns-operations] OMB Issues DNSSEC Directive For US Government Agencies

Eric E Eskam eeskam at usgs.gov
Wed Aug 27 02:43:13 UTC 2008

>From today's SANS newsbytes - it's official:

 --OMB Issues DNSSEC Directive For US Government Agencies
(August 22, 2008)
The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has told federal chief
information officers that that they have until January 2009 to deploy
Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC) on top level .gov domains.
Agencies must also develop a plan for deploying DNSSEC to "all
applicable information systems" by December 2009.
[Editor's Note (Pescatore): Definitely a good thing to force some
movement towards DNSSEC but there is a continuing string of "unfunded
mandates" that hit government agencies. It would be nice to see some of
the mythical billions of dollars in National Cyber Security Imitative
funding funneled to actual operational security b

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