[dns-operations] rejiggered dnscap command line arguments, V1.0-RC6 (October 2007)

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Thu Oct 25 22:31:28 UTC 2007

one more thing (just added to dnscap anoncvs)...

     -b          Diagnostic output based on the -g option will be brief --
                 more like ncaptool and less like dig.

this is something joao wanted which i wasn't done with earlier today.  the
output looks like this:

#sa:amd64# dnscap -g -b -c2
[126] 2007-10-25 22:25:44.909918 [#0 bge0 0] \
        [].53 [].53  \
        dns QUERY,NOERROR,11425,qr \
        1,IN,PTR 0 \
        2 94.52.82.in-addr.arpa,IN,NS,43200,dnsti.interbusiness.it \
        94.52.82.in-addr.arpa,IN,NS,43200,dnst3.interbusiness.it 0
[70] 2007-10-25 22:25:44.911683 [#1 bge0 0] \
        [].55864 [].55864  \
        dns QUERY,NOERROR,26296 \
        1,IN,PTR 0 0 0

this is based on the next generation of dnscap that i've also been working on
(called "ncaptool").  the output format is intended to be read by a perl or
other script, which "dig"-like output doesn't make easy.  format description:

> first there's a header, which has three subsections, opcode, rcode, flags.
> the next four are the qd/an/ns/ar sections beginning with a "count" of the
> number of records therein, followed by the records.  each record has some
> subsections: name, class, type, ttl, and rdata.  qd sections don't have ttl
> or rdata.  for rdata we don't know how to print (basically anything but A,
> AAAA, NS, MX, PTR, SOA, and CNAME), it shows as [rdlen].  OPT is ugly but
> visible.

(perl's "shift" and "split" operators fell in love with all this, instantly.)

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