[dns-operations] Strange queries

Duane Wessels wessels at packet-pushers.com
Tue Oct 9 20:10:51 UTC 2007

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Ask Bjørn Hansen said:

> I suspect that Net::DNS somehow translates the A query into a PTR query.

Yes, I should have pasted more of the code from Question.pm:

         # if argument is an IP address, do appropriate reverse lookup
         my $reverse = dns_addr($qname) if $qname =~ m/\d$|[:\/]/o;
         if ( $reverse ) {
                 $qname = $reverse;
                 $qtype = 'PTR' if $qtype =~ m/^(A|AAAA)$/o;

> It might make sense to try to do that when making queries, but it doesn't 
> when using the code on the other side (as a server).

I am under the impression that this is happening on the client side.
I guess you could run tcpdump and see what the queries look like
coming in of the net.

Duane W.

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