[dns-operations] [QUAR] Reducing AS112 traffic

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie
Mon Nov 12 17:22:31 UTC 2007

On 12 Nov 2007, at 17:15, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> 3.      They're "super paranoid", but their employees do whatever they
>         want on the network.  In this case, it seems, they need to add
>         some more competent IT staff to do (1) or (2)

	It's not that simple.  Even with competent staff and a reliable
	DNS service, some employees/students/visitors will insist on
	doing whatever they jolly-well feel like.

	In such a case, a local route to AS112 would appear to be a
	useful adjunct to your case 1.

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