[dns-operations] DNS World Conference 2007

Jaap Akkerhuis jaap at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Jun 28 08:57:42 UTC 2007

    I e-mailed them asking for details and got the following reply:
I also got some email from Mr. Keller. He confirmed that 
(1) This was a commercial enterprise;
(2) The programme is empty because there they didn't had time to
    invite people yet;
(3) That there is a large Dutch contingent "in numbers and expertise";
(4) Asked "to recommend (people) who can contribute significantly" and
    wether I myself "courageous enough" to contribute;
(5) there will be people from 100 Nations "attending and/or speaking";
(6) They do serve "decent coffee" but no words on cookies (or nuts).


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