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> you discover that there are other developments; likely beyond your
> grasp.

Indeed,my grasp is quite limited but I believe that, thanks to the
IETF, I've identified one of the speakers. The announcement for his
breath-taking Internet-Draft is attached and I quote here a summary of
his revolutionary views about the DNS :

Internet Draft                                            E. Terrell
Category: Informational                         ETT-R&D Publications
Expires: January 27th, 2008                                July 2007

         The IPtX Domain Name Service Specification; IPtX-MX DNS 




  This document defines the IPtX Specification for the 'Domain Name
  Service' (IPtX / IPtX-MX DNS), and eliminates the possibility of an
  Addressing 'Conflict', or a Mathematical Addressing Error in the
  IPtX Address Space. In other words, the IPtX / IPtX-MX IP Addressing
  format on the "Back-End", or "Backbone", obtains its uniqueness
  through the use and / or difference defined by the accuracy of the
  'Exponential Decimal String'. However, this uniqueness, if not
  clarified, would not be discernable on the "Front-End", because the
  IPtX IP Addressing Specification 'Allows' only a '64' Bit-Mapped
  IP Address for every IP Addressing Format. That is, on the
  "Front-End", if there is No distinction, because every Addressing
  Format in the IPtX Specification, when Resolved, is Equal, there
  will ultimately be Address Conflicts within the Addressing Scheme.

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