[dns-operations] DNSWorld conference 2007

Jack Fisher jfishervr at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 21:49:24 UTC 2007


There are almost always scheduling conflicts. Just after DNSWorld is Nanog,
Arin in New Mexico, and thereafter Ripe in Amsterdam. 

Although DNSWorld is of interest to some on this list, I do want to make
clear that our audience is not found in this list community. We didn't and
don't solicit for anything; up to now we only offered generous opportunities
and donations to the special interest groups. I also want to make it clear
that we are a commercial enterprise. We live from paying participants,
Keith. At the same token we provide a unique venue for vendors to reach new

I understand that some question certain topics in our program. You advocate
a dialog. But, meanwhile others announce 'actions' towards us, on and off
list. Why is that? We didn't solicit for any judgment or opinion of this
group, nor of any individuals on it.   

I still care about this list, just as we do appreciate other media. And yes,
we do invite individuals, some of whom may read this list, to give a
presentation. If they have the desire to announce that, fine. If they don't
because that would conflict with their commercial endeavors that's fine too.
No one on this list should have an expectation that we feel an obligation to
list members, or to explain our policies.



Jack Amos Fisher
Program Chair


> I note that your conference dates clash with the CENTR meeting in Paris,
> seems unfortunate, as I'm sure both events are potentially of interest to
> here at least. Maybe with less insults and some dialog things could go
better in 
> future.

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