[dns-operations] DNSWorld conference 2007

Keith Mitchell keith at isc.org
Fri Jul 13 16:44:40 UTC 2007


> I am the program chair of the DNSWorld Conference. I believe it time 
> and appropriate to set a couple of things straight. I thank the list 
> owner for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you for providing some background to your event. I hope that
something constructive can come out of this discussion.

Speaking for OARC who host this list, I wanted to set out a few points:

- Although OARC is happy to to let all list participants air their views
on this list, that does not mean we endorse the position of
anyone in particular.

- There are over 500 individual participants on this list, mostly DNS
operations professionals and researchers, including many from root
operators and the 50 largest TLD registries and registrars who include
most OARC members, up to and including CEO/CTO/COO level. I hope this
illuminates the relevance of the audience here to your event.

- The focus of this list is DNS operations discussion, but also
recognizing DNS operations do not exist in a vacuum from e.g.
DNS policy/governance/legal/commercial/research/abuse issues.

- While information about any events (not just OARC ones) which bring
value to the community and help the Internet's DNS infrastructure work
better is very welcome here, I hope we can avoid getting into a
protracted slanging match about the merits or otherwise of individual
events or their constituencies. What people want is tangible relevant

> DNSWorld is not competing with IETF, ISOC, ICANN, Ripe or any other 
> group or entity.

I note that your conference dates clash with the CENTR meeting in Paris,
which seems unfortunate, as I'm sure both events are potentially of
interest to people here at least. Maybe with less insults and some
dialog things could go better in future.


Keith Mitchell
OARC Programme Manager

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