[dns-operations] Karl Auerbach on adding 'millions' more TLD - what do folks think about the operational impact?

Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Tue Jan 9 10:32:41 UTC 2007

Douglas Otis wrote:
> On Jan 8, 2007, at 2:18 PM, Patrik Fältström wrote:
>>On 8 jan 2007, at 23.11, Douglas Otis wrote:
>>>Internationalization might have a significant impact on the number  
>>>of TLDs, and would be hard to stop.
>>6000 languages times 300 TLDs = more zones than today.
> Limited to languages where ASCII is problematic reduces this number.   
> Catering to these languages may invite ACE labels as substitutes for  
> existing gTLDs, ccTLDs and SLDs that redirect the application.   

Practically all languages but english -

no, even the english language does face the problem.

Take the trema for example.

There is a big automobile company in the USA, although it is a french

citroen or "citroë" or citro:en" with the trema obove the "e"

I have seen many tremas in passports issued in the usa and they have
a meaning completely different from the umlauts in germany although
they look the same.

You can immagine "citroen.ny.us" is not the same as "citroen.nj.us".
Although New York and New Jersey are quite close the postman would
miss it.

I guess nobody would miss the 256 ccTLD they have messed up DNS in
the first place. Who can afford a ".de" today? He is going to to
loose it as soon as he gets a job in a foraign country.

How about ".ampr" ?

Have you ever seen somebody like host_name("","ampr.org")?

They have built a completly separate infrastructure and you
normally cannot even reach their DNS-servers. Giving them a
a ".ampr" or a ".ham" TLD like some Racines Libres have proposed
does make sense.

Countries belong below ".gov" but there is good reason for more
TLDs or we will face DNS to become a flat file with ".com" becomming
meaningless because your browser will add it automatically.

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