[dns-operations] Karl Auerbach on adding 'millions' more TLD - what do folks think about the operational impact?

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Mon Jan 8 21:56:10 UTC 2007

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 10:45:29PM +0100,
 Florian Weimer <fw at deneb.enyo.de> wrote 
 a message of 15 lines which said:

> If there are millions of TLDs, it's no longer so easy to run a root
> service instance.

Many people on this list manage domains with > 1 million
delegations. I do not think they would call their job "easy" but it is
not science-fiction.

So, yes, basically, Auerbach is right: the current limitation of the
number of TLD is not motivated by technical concerns (we are very far
from the practical limits).

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