[dns-operations] 86198 queries per second from BIND 9

Chris Wilson wilsotc at ufl.edu
Wed Feb 28 20:19:41 UTC 2007

Matt Ghali wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, Chris Wilson wrote:
>> Probably because after running for just a few seconds I saw lots of
>> timeouts from queryperf, and stopped the test before it had a chance to
>> normalize.  At any rate, 10X higher performance from recompiling is
>> amazing.  I wonder why a big company like RedHat doesn't notice things
>> like this.
> so your reported results just increased by an order of magnitude?
> all I am wondering is why you believe results from whatever 
> methodology you used have any validity whatsoever.
> cheers,
> matto
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>                                                 - Marshall McLuhan
Well obviously, I just made it up. 

What would make my methodology valid?  A screen capture of the results 
of a 5 minute queryperf on the AS4 binary before then after compiling 
with version #s and config files?  It wasn't a formal benchmark test any 
more than the initial post that started this thread.

For bind9 under Linux, you should recompile bind9, and disable thread 
support.  It may be great for Solaris, but light threads in AS4.4_64 
just isn't there.

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