[dns-operations] 86198 queries per second from BIND 9

Olaf M. Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Mon Feb 19 11:09:01 UTC 2007

On 17Feb 2007, at 3:41 PM, RLVaughn wrote:

> Chris Wilson wrote:
>> I'm getting 45,000 qps from a $1200 HP Procurve DL320 G5.  Should be
>> able to get 200,000 qps from a dual quad core xeon for about $5000.
>> Not bad for 1U of rack space.
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> I admit I am a relative newcomer here and I don't always pay full  
> attention to
> things, but it took me a while dig up this rather dusty thread.   
> Back in May,
> Olaf from NLNet added this in a footnote in his thread contribution:
> "At this moment we are upgrading the lab to use a dual 1.6Gb Pentium
> processor box and a 1 Gb network. We are hitting some sort of barrier
> and we are not sure if it is the network interface."
> I am wondering how that barrier turned out.

It turned out to be a problem with ethernet interface drivers that  
caused results to be non-reproducible.

As for 200kq/s on a commodity quad core AMD see:

I am hesitant to discuss product benchmarking on this list, I am not  
sure it is in scope.


Olaf M. Kolkman
NLnet Labs

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