[dns-operations] Inconsistent b.root-servers.net responses for

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Sat Dec 8 08:22:33 UTC 2007

Noah Treuhaft wrote:
> B.root-servers.net's

Which "B" ? (hint: dig @b.root-servers.net hostname.bind txt chaos)

I get answers back randomly from "b2"+"b3"+"b1.isi.edu", maybe one of
them is bad. I also get an answer with NXDOMAIN for that part, which is
good IMHO and giving an authority SOA of:

in-addr.arpa.           10800   IN      SOA     A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
dns-ops.ARIN.NET. 2007120716 1800 900 691200 10800

Actually you should not be asking any root-servers about
127.in-addr.arpa at all, your local resolver should solve that puzzle.

b{1|2|3}.isi.edu are{1|2|3} but can't be queried directly
it seems unfortunately, and one can't get the above answer together with
the hostname.bind answer unfortunately (unless some dns guru knows how
to do that but afaik one can't ask two different questions at once)


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