[dns-operations] New DNS patent will save the world...

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Wed Dec 5 16:27:49 UTC 2007

Sam Norris wrote:
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> From: "RVaughn" <rvaughn at amigostecnicos.net>
>> The exact mechanism thereof remains a mystery to me as does my
>> elevation to 47th level dungeon master;)
> Force the client to resolve semi-unique hostnames that no one else would be 
> querying and wha-la - you have their resolver IPs... right ?

And soon html email will contain <img 
That followed by a notice saying your account has been suspended until 
you clean your windows box, offering you a discount to use an online 
scrubber that will remove one ie toolbar and install another.. ugh.

>> Randy
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Ken Anderson

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