[dns-operations] "Top 20 DNS server map shows US internet dominance" (pingdom)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed Apr 25 20:08:07 UTC 2007

Paul Vixie wrote:
> http://royal.pingdom.com/?p=125

"One reason for the US dominance is that its internet infrastructure has
had more time to evolve compared to the rest of the world."

What a load of....

"It’s interesting to note that some of the DNS servers on the list
belong to companies that are not in the web hosting or domain registrar
business at all, but are instead focused on domain speculation, i.e. the
selling and purchasing of domain names much like real estate. Sedo is
perhaps the most famous example. Domain speculation has obviously become
very big business."

It can better be called "The Top 20 domain reggers". With names as
"parked.com", "sedoparking.com",  and "buydomains.com" one can easily
guess what is going on in those places and what their real reasons are.
The top 20 are good for about 30 million domains, most of those probably
are only used for a nice parking/link-squashing page, way to go
hierarchical internet. Fortunately we have Google nowadays so that we
simply can find the real content, unless those linkfarms start taking
your RSS feed of course and thus suddenly have very varying content from

Now THAT is the actual truth behind it. It clearly shows that a number
of US companies registered simply every domain they think could earn
them a quick buck.

It doesn't at all tell though where the actual valuable content on "The
Internet" is located, especially not as that depends on who you are and
what your interests are.


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