[dns-operations] Reported DNS DDoS in China

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Wed Sep 27 05:27:24 UTC 2006

>     > if it's a /23 and there are no subnets of that in BGP, then it's not
>     > multiple POPs even if it's multiple physical locations.
> Uh, Paul, how exactly would you define a "point of presence" if not a 
> physical location at which servers in an announced prefix are located?
> I believe David was suggesting that the four servers might be anycasted, a 
> technology with which I believe you're quite familiar.
> Moreover, I believe he might have been suggesting that there might be an 
> IGP running within the anycast infrastructure, a technology which you've 
> notably claimed to divorce yourself.

bill, i'll grant you that if the /23 is multihomed then there is hope.  but
it'll be the first HA /23 i've seen that wasn't a supernet for some more-
specifics for TE.  ergo, my predicate, "if there are no subnets of it."

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