[dns-operations] Cooperation from companies like cpanel to close recursors..

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sun Mar 26 19:07:31 UTC 2006

# Well i guess im kind of curious as to why people are not responding to my
# posts.  Whats the deal? I feel i have made valid points in both of my
# emailings, I just as much as everyone else want to see a solution.

i havn't been answering because your posts look really ugly in 80-column
ASCII.  you're including the entire thread in every post, you're top-posting,
and you're including an HTML-formatted second version.  these could be just
well-known gmail issues.  but you need to become more aware of what your
stuff looks like to other people.  i've sent you several samples.

# People are obviously ignoring me on purpose, maybe its my name showing that
# my maybe of a certain descent,

on the internet, nobody cares whether you descended from apes, fish, insects,
or minerals from an extra-terrestrial asteroid.  so, this probably isn't it.

# or maybe because people feel im related to a certain orginization.

one of my other reasons for disliking free e-mail services like gmail is, i
don't actually know your affiliation.  if i knew your affiliation then there
are probably ways i could become uncomfortable answering you, like if you
were a spammer or ddos-for-hire artist or similar.  but since nobody knows
where you're from, your affiliation can't be the reason folks don't answer

# I want to see this problem resolved immediatly. I have probably more
# experience in these types of attacks then most, people put aside there
# agendas or biased views and take what i say for what its worth.

if you've made a specific proposal or asked a specific question, plz resend.
(after, that is, you learn how to make gmail's output look good in 80-column
ASCII.)  i have no memory of any specific alarm bell you've rung other than
the plesk/cpanel one, which rodney answered.

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