[dns-operations] If I were the suspicioustype....(was:DNSAmplification Attacks)

John Palmer (NANOG Acct) nanog at adns.net
Fri Mar 24 00:05:28 UTC 2006

You  need one if your ISP doesn't provide a resolver that
uses and alternate root. That is, unless you run your own
resolver locally on your machine and give it an INS root
hint file.

Most people don't do that, Stephane. I stand by
my statement - most users will need to use an ORN

Show how they could otherwise do it.

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> > But it also denies choice to internet users who want to use
> > inclusive servers and locks people into using the ICANN root.
> I was always doutbtful of John Palmer's technical abilities but this
> one is enough. He really believes you need an ORN to use an
> alternative root?
> [I use ORSN nameservers at home and I certainly do not rely on ORNs,
> only on the fact that my IAP let the packets to port 53 go through
> unmolested, something that not all IAPs guarantee.]
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