[dns-operations] Q: DNS server performance/conformance testing

G. S. Marzot giovanni.marzot at sparta.com
Thu Mar 16 12:14:23 UTC 2006

I am currently looking to accumulate some tests to both heavily load a set of
zone servers ( no, I am not DoS prankster :) and regression/conformance test the
DNS/DNSSEC protocol operation there. The ultimate goal is to characterize
server software behavior in overload and to establish performance and
conformance baselines to use prior to experimenting with server code.

I am looking at the TAHI suite (http://www.tahi.org) which appears to only be
happy on FreeBSD (not a show stopper). And also using 'queryperf'.

My request is to see if others are doing similar things and could share
experience, results, etc. Also if anyone has some sample 'queryperf' input data
files along these lines, that would be helpful.

Thanks for any info, G


Giovanni S Marzot


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