[dns-operations] Regarding the NXDOMAIN oddness

Rob Thomas robt at cymru.com
Thu Mar 2 14:55:36 UTC 2006

Hi, team.

I contacted Matt Carothers at Cox (owner of the IP space in which
the four odd name servers reside) and asked him for any insight
he could share.  Matt gave me permission to share this note from

Rob Thomas
Team Cymru
ASSERT(coffee != empty);

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 09:15:29 -0500
From: Matt.Carothers at cox.com
To: robt at cymru.com, ge at linuxbox.org
Cc: team-cymru at cymru.com
Subject: RE: Heads up - oddly behaving DNS servers

Has anyone pointed out that all of these servers think they're something.mshome.net?
C:\>nslookup www.google.com
Server:  D6HV1F21.mshome.net
C:\>nslookup www.google.com
Server:  your-1rnfg39627.mshome.net
C:\>nslookup www.google.com
Server:  BROWNE.mshome.net
Some cursory Googling indicates this may be related to Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing.
- Matt

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