[dns-operations] dns loop

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Tue Jun 6 22:51:05 UTC 2006

On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 03:21:09PM -0700, Edward Lewis wrote:

Hi again,

> ns.isi.edu.     NXDOMAIN

just saw something else, this one here is an open recursor and does not
have the zone 225.in-addr.arpa authoritatively loaded (see decreasing
TTL when querying for records in that zone and the AA flag not set).

So despite answering with the correct rcode NXDOMAIN here that server is
broken as well. So let's summarize:

In in-addr.arpa:
ns.isi.edu	LAME, not listed in zone
nic.near.net	LAME, not listed in zone
flag.ep.net	broken IPv6 (6bone)
strul.stupi.se	broken IPv6 (does not answer for me at least), not
		listed in zone

In 225.in-addr.arpa:
flag.ep.net	broken IPv6 (6bone)
dot.ep.net	not listed in delegation, one of two IPv6 addresses
		is broken (6bone)

The amount of disfunctionality outraces even ip6.int (which has a
surprisingly similar list of authoritative nameservers). Could someone
please get this crap fixed? 


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